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The  Field of Dreams Children’s Charity Foundation, Inc.is a non-stock, non- profit organization that operates in Davao City and Region XI. Opened on October 20, 2007 in close proximity to a primary school in Biao Guianga, Tugbok District. The foundation  caters 30 children  ages 3 to 18 years old (all boys) who are homeless, dependent, neglected, abandoned and orphaned in 24 hours. Thanks to our founder Mr. Lawrence R. Field who committed a great part of his total worldly assets to the cause .


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THE CHILDHOPE FOUNDATION (UK) (Registration No. 1117556)

and Sister Charity

THE FIELD OF DREAMS (Philippines) (CN200727776)


     We are an organisation comprising of two sister charities based in the U.K. and the Philippines.  Our objective is to provide a haven for homeless children in third world countries.  Initially, we are concentrating on building an orphanage in the Philippines.  The chosen location is on the southern island of Mindanao, close to the major City of Davao, and is in a semi-rural area known as Tugbok.

     Financing this project is possible due to a donation of £200,000.00 provided by one of our founder members.  Late last year he went to the Philippines, and purchased 1.9 hectares (almost 5 acres) of land costing 2,500,000.00 pesos (approx. £26,000.00).  It is ideal for purpose with good road access, easy  mains water and electricity connections and is level fertile land.  The location is ideal in that the children's home will be within 100 yards of a primary/secondary school.